This Blog’s Aim

This blog’s aim is to create a forum for discussing the decision making framework for legal and ethical mental health dilemmas and problems developed in the website. The most important aspect of the framework outlined in this website and promoted through this blog is the flexibility built into a system based first and foremost on a review of several key common law principles. The contention advanced on this website and the blog is that this flexibility provides an opportunity for decision makers to assess their own practice dilemmas based upon a review of the most fundamental of these common law doctrines, with a further invitation to the mental health practitioner to supplement this review with relevant ethical, regional, cultural and pragmatic considerations. This blog’s focus is to provide a medium for identifying common law principles and highlighting their application in mental health practice. Toward this end, contributors are encouraged to post ethical and legal practice dilemmas so that the website’s applicability to these dilemmas can be evaluated. The blog’s goal is that a useful opportunity will be provided for the analysis of mental health practice dilemmas, and it is also intended that this system serve as a helpful companion to the ethics based models upon which many decision making systems are founded.

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